• Our Mission

    To promote and protect the good values of African Culture, Unity and diversity.

“To promote the Hausa Language for communication, education, business trade and social culture.”

Africa serves as a home to over 1.216 billion people, yet it’s difficult for these 53 countries to communicate with each other due to 1250–3000 numerous languages present per country. Business and organisation face this same challenge as they look to expand to Africa.

However, the Hausa language serves as a language for communication across West Africa which spans among other countries with over 170 million speakers.

Hausa Television is using the power of the media to promote the language for communication, Trade, education and Social Culture across African countries.    We do this by reporting memorable stories through news coverage, documentary, research and development, translations and training.

We believe promoting the Hausa Language is a core solution for inclusive development amongst the  African countries.

These initiative will create more jobs, eradicate poverty, promote education and security across the African continent.

Hausa Language to help promote business, trade and social culture, across West Africa.

Early childhood languages programs that children use at home.

Hausa has developed into a lingua franca across much of Western Africa, and the World.

Proved our cherished view the opportunity to learn the Hausa Language through social television programs and talk shows.


Build a world class broadcasting station, to offer jobs opportunity and technology innovation.

Mobile App, SMS Short-code and online learning portal[Koyon Hausa].

Inside Career

Working as a Hausa Television Staff you have to be ready for traveling, production, reporting, etc… we work with celebrities and people from all different culture and background. We  recruit talent and work with individuals, school and organization.

Our Leadership

Hausa Television official staff and team members.

Richmond Bash Garbah
Founder and Brand Manager

Malik Osman


Since 2014 we have develop products that best serve our customers.

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