Africa serves as a home to over 1.216 billion people, yet it’s difficult for these 53 countries to communicate with each other due to 1250–3000 numerous languages present per country. Business and organisation face this same challenge as they look to expand to Africa.
However, the Hausa language serves as a language for communication across West Africa which spans among other countries with over 170 million speakers.

About Donation Shares
We are giving out Hausa Television shares to our cherished viewers as a package, it’s a great opportunity to join the family. Our plan for the future starts with you.  kindly buy one(1) or more of the shares to receive all the benefit.

Our 5 Fund Raising Goals
1. Build Studio
2. Broadcasting Equipment
3. Production
4. Provide Training
5. Create Jobs

Campaign Message
“We want to assure you, every amount of money will serve humanity and the development of the future of African heritage.”
Alh. Salif Mohammed – Patron Hausa Television and President of ANC [All Nigeria Community- Ghana]

Build Studio

We have acquire 10 acres of Land ready to start building the Studio.

Broadcasting Equipment

Buy latest digital equipment for better video and sound quality.


Produce premium quality content for education including news, sports and entertainment program.

Provide Training

Digital Skills in marketing and broadcasting technology and technical workshops for the Youth.

Create Jobs

Provide career opportunity in digital broadcasting, marketing and story telling.


You can get the Donation Shares voucher from any of our approved agents.

Look out for the Hausa Television Approved Agent sticker with code, to check if the agent is valid kindly visit our website

You can buy any amount, and can also transfer shares benefits to family or friends. by submitting a request.

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Pay to Zenith Bank Ghana Ltd. 6012500815 Hausa Television Bank Account Number with the reference [Donation Shares] with the Name of the buyer and contact.

Start the Transfer process, enter Hausa Television Mobile Money Number 0557963074, Enter Amount and Send.

Africa, Europe, United State of America, and Saudi Arabia

Terms and Conditions Apply
All donor will received this benefit and more; as we have the right to add or modify any of the list below.

1. Membership Card
Each donor will received a member identification number.
2. Donation Shares
You can buy any amount of the shares and can also transfer share to friends & families.
3. Yearly Party
Special invitation to all our party.
4. Special Products
5% discount selected products
5. Brand paraphernalia
Get free T-shirt, Books etc… and other company Gifts.
6. Free Interview
For corporate and individuals donor for promotion.
7. Access to Exclusive production
You could be invited to witness live production, programs or events for free.
8. Hausa Television Thank You
Enjoy special discount from our partners products and services.
9. Program Vouchers
Get free vouchers to watch our exclusive program for family.