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Watch this program for latest trends and fashion, deco and interior partition for homes, offices and environment. across the length and breath of the African continent we bring you the best.

The show is a question-based program where we find the answer to question all aspect of the social culture, science, mathematics, history and politics which can help any person to know more and learn about new things.

The Pilgrim of Muslims to Mecca for Pilgrimage. Get all latest information about the journey of the Muslim from all over the world. The rules and regulation, information and education for pilgrims made easy.

The Fasting during the Holy month of Ramadan across the World, this program is design to bringing you the life of a Muslim during the month and prayer activities Tafsir, of the Holy Quran and Night of Power.

Watch Hi on 5 every Wednesdays only on Hausa Television to get deep profile on your upcoming Musical Artist across Africa, it’s your change to see what they do, and why they choose music as a career.

The Friday sermon and prayer of Muslims around Africa and beyond. Get the latest prayer sermon, teachings and education. Live Hausa Television production.